Chief Instructor - Chris 'The Wolf' West


* 4th Dan Black Belt Kickboxing

* IBKO / WKO / WKA Certified Instructor & Assessor

* IBKO / WKA Certified International Grading Examiner

* CYQ Qualified Level 2 NVQ Fitness Instructor

* AIQ Qualified Level 3 Enhanced Personal Training

* Certificate in Strength & Conditioning Training

* Level 3 Certificate in Sports Development

* AIQ Level 3 NVQ Sport & Leisure Management

* WKO Trainers / Seconds Certified

* WKA / WKO / WKC / IBKO A Class Judge / Referee

* Former North West of England Director for Kickboxing & Boxing (WKA / WKO-ABF)

* Founder of the International Boxing Kickboxing Organisation

Major Titles / Honours Acheieved

** UK Black Belt Hall of Fame Award 2021 **

* WOMAA Full Contact Kickboxing World Silver Medalist 2015 -72 kg

* World Kickboxing Association & World Kickboxing Union

-British Open Full Contact Kickboxing Champion 2015-16 -69 kg

* European Martial Arts Association - Open Kickboxing Champion 2010-11 -65 kg

* WRSA Pro Event Winner 'Showdown 8' - 24th Oct 2010' 63.5 kg

* WAKO / WFKKO Pro Event Winner 'Big Fite Live' - 4th Dec 2010' 63.5 kg

Plus Multiple National / International medals earned

within all of the following governing bodies:

W.K.A | W.A.K.O. | I.S.K.A.

I.C.O. | W.K.U. | W.K.C. | B.F.K.K.O.

W.F.K.K.O. | E.M.A. | F.S.K. | W.O.M.A.A.

Team England & Great Britian.

Meet The Team

Lindsey Taylor (Club Administrator)

3rd KYU Kickboxing

WFMA Level 3 Coach - Assistant Instructor

WKO Trainers / Seconds Certified

WKO Ringsport Official C Class Judge

IBKO Certified Level 2 / B Class Referee & Judge

World Operations Director for I.B.K.O.


Lee Dobson

WFMA Muay Thai Coach


Emma Brooks

WFMA Certified Martial Arts Instructor

1st DAN Kickboxing / Karate


Joe Brady

WKO Northern Area Kickboxing Title / Champion

WKO English Open Kickboxing Champion 2020

IBKO English Low Kick Rules Champion 2021

IBKO English Boxing Champion 2021

WKO British Open Kickboxing Champion 2019

IBKO International K1 Rules Full Contact Heavyweight Title

WFMA Boxing & Kickboxing Coach


Alexis Kyme

3rd KYU Kickboxing

WFMA Fitness Coach

WFMA Level 1 Coach - Junior Team Leader

WKC World Kickboxing Champion

WKO Kickboxing & Boxing World Champion


Rianna Fennell

3rd KYU Kickboxing

WFMA Fitness Coach

WFMA Level 1 Coach - Junior Team Leader

WKO English Kickboxing Champion 2019

WKA International Kickboxing Champion 2019

WKO European Kickboxing Champion 2021

WKO World Champion 2021



Nathaniel Leteney

Junior Black Belt Kickboxing

WFMA Junior Team Leader

2 x WKO World Kickboxing Champion

WKC World Kickboxing Champion


Harley Brooks



Scarlett Norman

1st KYU Kickboxing

2 weight WKO World Champion 

ASFO British Kickboxing Champion 

WFMA Junior Team Leader


Ava T'Kint

1st KYU Kickboxing

WFMA Junior Team Leader


Blaze Lee

3rd KYU Kickboxing

WFMA Junior Team Leader

WKO World Kickboxing Champion


Mille Fletcher-Halliwell 

4th KYU Kickboxing 

WKC English Kickboxing Champion

WFMA Junior Team Leader


Mille Fletcher-Halliwell 

6th KYU Kickboxing 

IBKO English Kickboxing Champion

WFMA Junior Team Leader


Gold Medals / Titles of 2017

Gold Medals / Titles of 2018

Gold Medals / Titles of 2019


Individual Fighter Records - Here


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York Avenue, Off Helshore Road

Helmshore, Rossendale



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