Grading & Syllabus



The Requirement of progressing through our system is 50% or above - your belt will change (upto 4th KYU)



49% or less = FAIL


50-69% = 1/2 Grade Pass


70-89% = Pass


90-100% = Distinction


E.G. - If a student is a very capable high level Green / 6th KYU but not quite Blue / 5th KYU as 1 or 2 requirments has not met the required standard ... Half grade will show a natural level of progression!

You cannot "skip" grades - the experience gained will be invaluable.


KYU Grades

9th KYU to 1st KYU: £35 - includes Grading Assessment, Certificate of Grade & Coloured Belt


Junior Black (Under 16s) : £100- includes Grading Assessment, Certificate of Grade & Belt


DAN Grades (16 yrs +) Includes Grading Assessment, Certificate of Grade & Embroidered Belt

1st DAN: £120

2nd DAN: £150

3rd DAN: £175

4th DAN: £200


For further information on how to join and be apart of our grading system, get in touch via email:

WFMA Freestyle Kickboxing Syllabus


This syllabus has been written and created by Sensei Chris West 4th Dan.


Chris has created this system with the view of a supporting his students of a complete striking system for Ringsports. Styles include the following: Boxing, Kickboxing, K1-Rules & Muay Thai.


All of these versions of Ringsports have different rule set to compete in, you will find that a lot of these striking techniques are very similar and even transferable across the four entirely different sports.   Chris West is a very experienced martial artist with over 25 years in training; also achieving multiple honours at national/international and world level.


Taught by Master Brian Barnes in the Salford & Manchester area in the North West of England, Brian has decades of experience and trained dozens of champions both Amateur & Professional – and still continues to offer Chris help, guidance and advice with his deep wealth of valuable knowledge.


Since opening and running his own full time club in 2015 Chris has been working on creating a more complete system to give his students a better understanding of the different types of Ringsports and also to be competent and capable to compete within each of the styles rule sets should they wish.


(Boxing, Kickboxing, K1, Muay Thai)


This ‘Freestyle Kickboxing’ system has been very successful creating multiple world champions and is officially recognised, ratified and fully approved by the International Boxing Kickboxing Organisation. (I.B.K.O.)

Instructor & Coaching Development Plan











Criteria Of Units for Award

Level One, Cadet / Junior Team Leader Assessment Units

  1. Understanding the Role of a Coach / Leader
  2. Importance of ‘Stretching’ & ‘warming up / down’
  3. Health & Safety Awareness
  4. Working within a Team


Level Two, Fitness / Boxing / Kickboxing Coaching Award

  1. Importance of a ’Healthy Lifestyle’ for Sport Activities
  2. Understand the fundamentals of ‘Exercise’
  3. Understand the importance of ‘PPE’
  4. Accident & Incident Reporting
  5. Leading a Team


Level Three, Assistant Instructor Assessment Units

  1. WFMA 4th KYU or Equivalent
  2. Working from a Structured Lesson Plan
  3. Supervision & Behaviour Management
  4. Coaching of Basic Striking Techniques
  5. Pad Holding Techniques
  6. Understand the Rules & Regulations of a competition


WFMA Club Instructor Award - Assessment Criteria

  1. WFMA Black Belt or Equivalent
  2. Instructor Exam
  3. Previously Completed

Level 1 Award

Level 2 Award

Level 3 Award

  1. Evidence of Structured Lesson Planning
  2. Risk Assessment & Health & Safety Management
  3. First Aid Training Qualification
  4. Evaluation & Assessment of Performance
  5. Upto date  and valid DBS Check

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