Welcome to the W.F.M.A. incorporating the spirituality of Martial Arts with Fitness Training!


To train with us, we recommend signing up to a Club Membership ...Don't worry we don't try and tie you in any contracts or ask for bank details, it's just to register you with our club and the 'World Kickboxing Organisation' and 'Amateur Boxing Federation.  All of which is recognised by the 'Ringsport Board of Control'


This will cost £25 initial setup, and is renewable every 12 months from the date you join.


The benefits of a W.F.M.A. Club Membership Includes;

  1. Member License Record (Which you will need if you wish to grade or compete)
  2. Priority Bookings
  3. Membership with both the World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO) and Amateur Boxing Federation (ABF).
  4. Offers on additional courses and recognised qualifications in Coaching, Fighter Safety and Ringside Officials and Referee Training
  5. Various options and opportunities to train in different martial arts styles.


Benefits of Kickboxing Training


If you’re stuck in a workout rut and looking for a motivating workout, you might consider adding a high-energy kickboxing session to your program. Kickboxing consists of martial arts kicks with boxing, to create a great multi-functional style of training, involving Cardio / Resistance / Core / Flexibility, which means you can get a total body workout and fight yourself into better shape.


Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, taking up a kickboxing session at least once per week can help you feel re-energized and uplift your mood.....Here are a few more benefits of kickboxing Training:

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Boost Confidence Levels
  3. Improved Coordination
  4. Burn Extra Calories
  5. A Multi-Functional way of Working Out
  6. Boost Energy Levels
  7. Improves Posture
  8. Improves Flexibilty
  9. Increased Mobility
  10. Improves Muscle Tone
  11. Learn Motor Skills
  12. Self Defence
  13. Improves Self Discipline
  14. Anger Management


Here at the W.F.M.A. we have an 'Open Door' policy which means everyone is welcome to come along and train with us, we believe in an Equal Opportunity ethos and no matter what backgroud or religeous beliefs are you may have you will be treated fairly and equally.


Child Protection & Safeguarding


We fully understand that your child is the most important person in your life, and we do our upmost to ensure that we keep our facilty safe.

All our staff is fully DBS / CRB checked and the facility has been fully 'Risk Assessed' and is suitable for use by children.

We as a club are proud members and fully supported by the World Kickboxing Organisation, Amatuer Boxing Federation both of which are recognised by the 'Ringsport Board of Control'.


We as a club are also members of the Cobra Martial Arts Association which is a "National Supporting Body" for all martial arts registered clubs.


The Policy is open to review every 3 years but will be updated inline with current legislation as advised by the 'Child Protection in Sport Unit'.

If you have ANY questions regarding this matter please contact the club directly.

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